Only human – make me normal – Autism & Asperger’s syndrome

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This is a very good documentary about what it is like living with autism and aspergers.

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19 Responses to “Only human – make me normal – Autism & Asperger’s syndrome”

  1. condaleeza johnson Says:

    It’s a good idea to let your mum watch this. I hope she did and she now understands you better. It is possible to have a great life being an autist, but it’s not always easy. I hope you feel happy often and that you accept who you are and find a way to lead a good life.

  2. condaleeza johnson Says:

    I am grateful that some of us are not ‘normal’ too. A world filled with just ‘normal’ people would be an awful and tedious place. I think it’s great you embrace the fact that you are different, good for you!! Good luck with everything.

  3. condaleeza johnson Says:

    ‘Normal’, it’s just a word. Everyone is normal in the sense that we are all human beings with good times and bad times. And everyone is different too, in that we have different talents and characters and our brains function differently too sometimes. That’s fine. Good luck to you!

  4. condaleeza johnson Says:

    True; normality is an idea. Let’s be happy everyone is different, it would be so boring if everyone was just like me….

  5. briannamartin766 Says:

    Roy, don’t be sad. Theres true love in other place. I wish I could meet them.

  6. BeliefUnseen Says:

    This is a completely inappropriate film. My brother is autistic, I’m Asperger, and four other family members of mine have Asperger’s too. This does not depict what we are at all. I do not agree with this in the least and shows us as violent people with tempers. There needs to be a film showing from the Autistic’s perspective. Not the Neurotypical.

  7. AspieEyes Says:

    That is the title of the Tv program,the reason I put it up is for people with autism and aspergers to give their criticism.

  8. Mattea Sykes Says:

    I have been accused for years by family that I have Austism. I’m now 15. I have many of the symptoms of Asperger’s, but no diagnosis. I did an online test that said I was very likely to have it. But, one main flaw. I either have no sympathy, at all, or I can understand everyone and everything. I can relate to anyone, even serial killers and their ‘logic’… Or I have no idea why my mum would be upset at her friend being diagnosed with cancer. Thoughts? Help? Thankyou.

  9. Aashiq Rehmatullah Says:

    I have Aspergus syndrome I was diagnosed at the age of 3, I am basically all 3 of these people from aged 4-8 I was like that star wars kid, from 8-11 I was like Roxan. I didn’t want people to know I’m autistic or want to show it, 11-15 I was a lot! Like Roy obsessed with Football and Manchester United remember lots of weird uncommon stuff. Now I am 17 years old finished my first year at college doing Sport development coaching level 3, and I want to after be the first football coach or PE teach

  10. 117stig Says:

    A normal individual is someone who has no abnormal characteristics such as autism, ocd, drug abuser, apathetic, killer etc. Correct me if i’m wrong.

  11. 117stig Says:

    Haha jokes on you, no will ever care or love for an apathetic individual such as you.1 in 2 people develope a mental disorder at some point in there lifetime, I sure hope you read your comments if you ever have parkinsons disease,ms,alzheimer’s,Huntington’s disease etc. Good luck for the future.

  12. philsaspiezone Says:

    When using the word ‘normal’ do they mean allistic or neuroprivilege?

  13. emieldegraaf Says:

    I have plenty of people who love me, I was just posting that comment to get people like you to get mad. Epic troll I am

  14. 117stig Says:

    Trolls are still apathetic, why make people angry or upset just so you can have a little giggle (disgusting), no one loves you, if you think someone does love you then show them your troll comments.

  15. 117stig Says:

    Around 99% of the population would thrown at you and consider you a bad person but everyone you know will just laugh with you, that’s just wishful thinking. Normal heterosexual.

  16. Saitoko7 Says:

    It may be inappropriate for you, but there are plenty of people with autism who are prone to meltdowns and violent outbursts. All they’re doing here is showing a small group of them who are in a place that is meant to help them function better. Everyone on the spectrum is different. Some more extreme, some less. You may not agree, but that doesn’t make it wrong.

  17. BeliefUnseen Says:

    There’s a major difference between a temper and a meltdown. All of us on the spectrum have meltdowns but they are linked to sensory disorders. Big difference.

  18. flo23augify Says:

    In our country the therapy for autism is paid for by parents. Please donate via paypal to flobet1 @ yahoo (dot) com. 10 bucks would get an hour of therapy. Any extra hour counts !

  19. james bengraham Says:

    I hope more and more people understand how serious Autism is. in some countries they treat them like they re crazy.. People need to join together and help the cause.

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