Attention Deficit Disorder – how to spot it

My son is almost 7 and is generally a good kid. He’s got a great heart. Lately I’ve noticed that he is starting to have problems focusing on certain things. If I give him a task to do and I don’t make sure that I have his undivided attention while speaking to him, he won’t do it and if I ask him to repeat back to me what I just said, he doesn’t know. I’ve also noticed that if I give him a list of things to remember, he has a hard time retaining that information. Should I have him tested? If so, do I go through his pediatrician for that or a mental health facility?

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ADHD Diet: Fresh Produce From Your Own Square Foot Garden

Eating fresh vegetables is a major part of an ADHD Diet. For some people, the cost of produce stops them from buying. Others dont have organic vegetables available. Check out this article about gardening and ADHD Starting your own garden is the best way to have low cost organic vegetables. Check out the ideas provided for an easy garden with out all the hassle. Be sure to also check out

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Does ADHD present itself after a major change?

Can ADHD present itself in a kid in three days during and after a major change?

In the past three days, since my four-year-old changed classes in his daycare twice in two weeks, he’s been getting in trouble for not minding the teacher and just generally being difficult. So they moved him back to the three-year-old room when the afternoon teacher was having trouble with him. When I called to complain about him being sent BACK to the younger class, the woman I spoke to in the office (not the teacher, she had already left) suggested “maybe it’s his ADHD…..”

He’s never been diagnosed with ADHD, and he’s never had discipline problems other than the occasional time-out, in any of his classes, or at home. And he minds the morning teacher.

I think the problem stems from him not handling change well (never has) and being shuffled from class to class in a very short time, and every move makes it worse.

Even if he’s never shown signs of it before, and it’s been only three days, is it something that can be brought on by circumstances, or just naturally?
Thanks everyone. We had a conference with the morning teacher (he behaves pretty well for), two former teachers (who were more than happy to testify that with a few exceptions, usually around major changes, he never had behavioral issues) and the office worker I spoke with. All three teachers said they think that afternoon teacher is possibly in over her head, and that even if he DID have ADHD, part of the package of working with children is to deal with that and provide them an education as well. They also pointed out that ALL of the kids are acting unusual right now, because of the change of class and routine, by being moody, regressing in potty-training, or acting out.

Long story not so short, they’re going to call me if there are more issues, and that teacher is NOT to single him out and hold him back like that again.

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Understanding ADHD

What is ADHD?

ADHD is the most frequently diagnosed childhood behavioral disorder. Let’s take a closer look at this common problem.Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru:

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Recognizing when someone has ADD or ADHD

I am 16 and my little cousin is 10 and my mom and I think she either has ADD or ADHD or both…?

She hardly eats, she cannot sit still to save her life, and she is constantly on the go, seldom sleeps, and her mom doesn’t want to hear us out.

What do you think?

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Characteristics of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

What are some characteristics of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

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Difference between Methamphetamine and Prescribed ADHD medication Adderal Amphetamines?

1) What are the long term affects of Methamphetamine versus those of ADHD Amphetamine?

2) Will prescription Amphetamines cause de-calcification of bones or teeth?

3) Would Methamphetamine have less destructive long term physical affects if it were pharmaceutical grade opposed to street-grade?
I am curious because I have a prescription of Adderall.

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Which is the best medication against Attention deficit hyper activity disorder ? ADHD and ADD?

What kind of Dr do I need to visit to be diagnosed with ADHD attention deficit hyper activity disorder or ADD ?

What exactly is Attention deficit hyper activity disorder ? ADHD and ADD?

What are Symptoms of ADHD ( Attention deficit hyper activity disorder ) diagnosis or diagnose ?

Which is the best medication against Attention deficit hyper activity disorder ? ADHD and ADD?

What is ADD?

Adderall 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 20mg
Retalin HCI 5mg
Concerta 27mg
Or what other be as detailed as possible

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What specialist is best for treatment of pediatric ADHD?

My 5-year-old child has been diagnosed with ADHD. He has been seeing a psychologist, and his pediatrician has been trying to manage the ADHD with medication. I would like to get a second opinion on the treatment plan from a specialist, but I don’t know what type of specialist I should be looking for. Psychiatrist? Pediatric Neurologist? Other? What type of specialist is best suited to treat ADHD?


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What kinds of alternative therapies can be used for ADHD and Learning Disorders?

My daughter has a touch of ADHD and learning problems and I don’t want to put her on drugs that distort her mind. She has problems with short-term memory, processing speed, and being able to concentrate.

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