ADHD and creativity

George is a 9 year-old who loves exercising his creativity by playing guitar, and building model cities. He’s also been diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome. ¬©Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. 2009 Neither Johnson & Johnson nor any of its operating companies (Johnson & Johnson) are responsible for third-party materials appearing on the Johnson & Johnson Health Channel, including but not limited to linked third-party videos, linked third-party sites, and third-party advertisements. J&J does not control or endorse this third-party content and makes no representations regarding its accuracy.

Has anyone found a successful way to cope with ADHD without using drugs?

I’m at my wits end with my ADHD, I’m in my senior year of college and I need to get great grades. I’ve taken adderall in the past and its really helped but I was having pretty severe heart palpitations and was taken off of it. I am not being treated at all at this time, is there any non medicated treatment regimen that has worked for anyone else out there with adult ADHD. Exercise, fish oil, coffee, anything?

Is it possible to have schizoaffective disorder and adhd?

I am wondering if I also have ADHD inattentive type, I tend to be tired if I don’t get 12 hours of sleep or have some tea. I do space out sometimes, like just feel tired and stare off. I also have a hard time focusing on school work also. Their probably is more, I just can think of right now. Thanks for all your answers.

Is attention deficit disorder classifiable as a disability by the Social Security Administration?

I cannot find help with my ADD. I cannot work because of it. I ruin every opportunity in one way or another. I am a classic case of adult ADD. I have no support structure or money. Is there any help available or am I destined to fall through the cracks like I have for the last 20 years?

How do Attention Deficit Disorder drugs work based upon the neurotransmitter activity in the brain?

Here is a question from one of our readers.

I’ve being trying to understand but I keep on finding that it has something to do with the neurotransmitter Dopamine, and the reticular activating system. Can someone explain it to me…the web ain’t making it easy for me…..

Teaching ADHD Children To Keep Track Of His Posessions

How to teach a boy with ADHD to take care of his things so that he does not lose everything ?

I have 8 years old boy with ADHD. He just finished his second grade school year. He is doing well at school but his Homework got lost a lot along with his possessions such as all his jackets, his glasses, and such. Most of his stuffs are either lost or broken to pieces. Is there a way to teach him to take care of his things ? In a non-confrontational and practical ways ?

Red Dye #40 and ADHD

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Why, exactly, does Allura Red AC (Red Dye #40) exacerbate attention deficit symptoms, or lower IQ?
What exact mechanism does this "artificial color" trigger in the brain that produces such pronounced symptoms in some people? Does it cause permanent, lasting damage, or is it a transient thing, like the effects from caffeine?

Controversial Treatment Of ADHD Children

What is your personal opinion about the controversy of medicating children with ADHD?

What are some possible other kind of treatments? My sister has two children with ADHD and possible a third one. I have seen her children with medicine and without medicine. When her children are off the medicine they act up and can not sit still for any period of time. Thanks for the help.