What are the long and short term effects of attention deficit disorder?

I am writing an english paper, and I’m not exactly one to turn to others first for information. This is just a bit serious, though. I have looked near and far for information on this disorder, as I’m looking for the facts described above, and I find things on ADHD. Granted, they’re not incredibly different, ADHD and ADD, but they are different, and my paper is not on ADHD. I can’t seem to find a good list of effects of this disorder. Any and all help would be extremely appreciated.

What are good sports or hobbies for children with ADHD?

Everyone suggests that my son get involved in an extracurricular activity. He has ADHD, and we tend to want to put him in a sport to use some of his excess energy in a positive way. He doesn’t show much interest in any though, he is not yet 7 years old. Should we just pick one and make him try it? He has tried team sports in the past without much luck.