How long after starting treatment for Adult Attention Deficit Disordrer do you see positive improvement?

This question is especially for those who also suffer from depression. What medications do you use? What other therapies have you tried? I’m 23 and have suffered from depression for a while…I was misdiagnosed as bipolar as a teen, and recently been diagnosed with ADD. I know something needs to change but I’m nervous about starting medicinal treatment.

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Dealing w/ Children Diagnosed w/ ADHD

Dr. Breeding in this discussion talks about how to work with children who have ADHD.

Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD Dr. John Breeding, professor, author and Ph.D. psychologist discusses ADHD. Millions of American school children are placed on mind-altering stimulant medications for ADHD. Is there any biological basis for calling ADHD a mental illness? What test exists to diagnosis ADHD? What criteria are used to diagnosis a child with ADHD? In these series of videos Dr. Breeding give you the straight truth about ADHD and ADD. Medications like Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall, Dexedrine, Strattera, Focalin and Metadata all have undesirable side effects and can damage a person’s organs. So if you child is having difficulty, what can you do besides give them drugs? Dr. Breeding discusses how to deal with children effectively. Visit Dr. Breedings Website at The new edition of John’s book, The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses may be ordered from Chimpunka Publishing at http This video was produced by Psychetruth Copyright © John Breeding 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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Does anyone have any ideas on calming a 7 year old with autism and adhd?

My son has been diagnosed with autism and adhd. The older he gets, the more impulsive and hyperactive he becomes. It is often hard to deal with him, especially in public, because of his behavior. He is receiving Occupational Therapy once a week in school, and will also be receiving an additional hour of outside OT soon. He is not currently on medication, as the neurologists have told me that a lot of meds that work for ADHD have adverse effects in kids with autism. Plus I am nervous about the effects they may have on him. We tried Focalin for a while, which had no benefit and even seemed to make him more aggressive. He is also on a gluten free-casein free diet. Any informative suggestions would be appreciated.

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What is Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, what are the symptoms and the treatments?

I find that I can’t concentrate on things for an extended period of time. Since I’ve moved to Chicago, I get frustrated with my self becuase I find that when I am speaking with people, I get tongue tied and I studder becuase what I am thinking wont come out as quickly. When it comes to my design projects, if I’m not fully into my project I can’t concentrate more than a few minutes and reading a book… well that’s a daunting task.

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Is it possible to have schizoaffective disorder and adhd?

I am wondering if I also have adhd inattentive type, I tend to be tired if I don’t get 12 hours of sleep or have some tea. I do space out sometimes, like just feel tired and stare off. I also have a hard time focusing on school work also. Their probably is more, I just can think of right now. Thanks for all your answers.

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How do you get ADHD medicine out of your system?

This morning I accidentally took my brother’s ADHD pill. I didn’t realized it until an hour later when I started to feel strange. I feel so terrible, it a stranger in my own body. I tried to throw up the pill but it already took effect. How do I get this feeling this feeling to go away?

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What is the real definition of Attention deficit disorder?

I Think I have it and say I do sometimes but Im not sure If my case and the status are the same. If Im not doing anything at all then occasionally I will get flashes of recent or past events, pics, videos, places or people and actions. sometimes there both regrettable and or unpleasant things that I remember doing or seeing and other times there just odd things that I remember hearing or saying.

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What are some good science related activities for a five year old with ADHD?

I am going to be a nanny for a child with ADHD this summer and he is really into science. I am trying to find an activity that will keep him entertained but also something that will keep his attention. Also, if there are any nannies with experience with ADHD children, I am open for any advice!

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This is a very descriptive video by someone who has ADHD. Just watch what happens as the video progresses.

ADHD public service announcement (PSA) to increase the awareness of adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Spread the word. (Real thoughts on ADHD and “behind the scenes” of this video):

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