What are the steps I need to take to be diagnosed for adhd?

What are the steps I need to take to be diagnosed for adhd? I’m not sure that is the problem that I have but it was recommended to me to get diagnosed for it. Should I just see my regular family doctor?

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ADHD linked to pesticides

Research from the University of California Berkley finds children exposed to a common type of pesticide in the womb may be more likely to develop attention deficit disorder.

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What are symptoms of ADD or ADHD and where is a website that I can read up on it?

I was told by my boss that she thinks that I have ADD or ADHD….I can’t focus on just one thing at a time…And my knee always bounces up and down….Any ideas?

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Does anyone else out there have attention deficit disorder?

I have attention deficit disorder. ADD is a serious condition which makes my day to day routines necessary for me to have control over my household. I want to see if other people out there have suggestions for the disorganization, insecurity, and the like.
I want to know if anyone see’s a therapist and if there are other things that can be done besides just the medicine….Thanks

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What happens if you have ADHD and you get hyper in jail?

If you have an official diagnosis of ADHD and you’re in jail or prison and the people in there know about it and you’re bouncing off the walls hyper what do they do? If its nowhere close to yard time will they let you run to get rid of some of the energy? Or what do they do?
I wasn’t talking about them using it as an excuse at all. I was just asking what would happen if they got hyper.
lol no im not going to jail. i was just curious cuz i was watching a show on tv about jail so i wondered.

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How does ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) affect other aspects of one persons life?

I know that some people who have ADD struggle in school. How else do people with ADD struggle in their life?
My boyfriend has ADD and he can focus really well when it comes to being in a relationship with me. When we talk on the phone he’s pretty focused. School was the only aspect of his life that he truly struggled the most with. He didn’t finish school. My boyfriend works two jobs and he’s focused at work.

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What kind of ADHD meds are there in Korea?

Hi. I am working in Seoul for a month now and I am covered with national insurance. Do they have the same ADHD meds as in the US? I was showing great results on low doses of adderall, ritalin and focalin. All 3 worked great at 25 mg/day. Does anyone know if they recognise ADHD in Korea, what meds they have and how to get them? I will run out in 2 months. Thanks.

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What are the symptoms of ADHD in a 4 year old boy?

My son has trouble sitting for short periods of time. He starts pre-k next week. My husband was ADHD as a child and medicated. How do I have peace of mind without a child psychologist? What are the signs and are there any treatment other than medicine?

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Could being Emotionally Disturbed and Attention deficit disorder be used in court against a sex related case?

This just has to be a legit argument. Seeing that the accused doesn’t need prison time. But needs help with his brain. Prison won’t do a person like that any justice. Lets not be bitter. Lets be real.

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How come people with ADD/ADHD have to sit in the same spot everytime?

I notice that people with ADD or ADHD always have to sit in the same spot in a classroom everytime. What the hell is that?
This is college students I’ve noticed doing this. One girl even said "I just really like this seat for some reason" and this other boy freaked out silently because someone took his seat.

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