How long before natural ADHD remedies start to work?

My 7 year old son shows the classic ADHD symptoms and I started him on Sea Buddies Concentrate yesterday (minimum dosage). He is a big boy, so I am sure we will need to give him more that the recommended starting dosage (you may give up to 10). We have also started him on DHA. How long should it be before I start to notice a change? And is there something better than Concentrate? What about Focus Factor?

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Is There a Vaccine-Autism Link?

‘The Age of Autism’ authors Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted on the potential links between vaccines and Autism.

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I have autism and I want to work with people who have autism, any tips or ideas for jobs?

I have seen some jobs, but they require high amounts of education. Is there a place for me to work, I am 27 years old? My best memory is when I worked an entry level job shelving books at a library and I met a boy who also had autism and I got along with him better than anyone ever met before and this had stuck with me.

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Could ADHD be the reason my nine year old can not read or tell the difference between 16 and 60?

My nine year old can not read or remember how to spell little words like as and on. She also having major problems with complicated sorting that other children younger then her can do. The school says it is because she is not on medication for her ADHD. She has a younger sister who has ADHD and is not on medication and she is doing well in school. Can ADHD cause all her problems or is there something else going on.

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When did autism start to become high profile or well known through the media?

These days I hear a lot of news and coverages of autism. In the past, I kept asking myself why was I so different from others and what was wrong with me until I learned of autism in 2004.

Were there any news or coverages of autism in 1990-2003? In K-12, I never heard the word "autism" and I was never tested for autism. If I had known about my autism back then, I would have gotten help.

Did autism start to become high profile and well known through the media in 2004? If not, when?

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How to Recognize the Early Signs of Autism

Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from Stabbey and more videos in the Children With Special Needs category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Early intervention is important for children with autism, a developmental disorder that inhibits socialization. So be on the lookout for warning signs. To complete this How-To you will need: Knowledge of developmental milestones Careful attention to your baby’s behavior A hearing test for your child Warning: Do not assume that if your baby exhibits behaviors associated with autism, they necessarily have the disorder. Observe them carefully and bring any concerns to a doctor. Step 1: Pay attention to babbling Pay attention to when your baby begins to babble. They should start at around five months old. Step 2: Monitor eye contact Begin monitoring eye contact at around six to nine months, when infants generally start smiling in response to their parents’ grins. Babies with autism tend to avoid looking at their parents. Step 3: Try some games If your baby makes a sound, make one back and see if they reciprocate. Babies with autism usually do not take part in this verbal turn taking, nor do they participate in peek-a-boo. Step 4: Try to get their attention Note whether your baby responds to their name: They should begin to

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ADHD So what’s it really like to have ADHD? What is ADHD? And does it really exist? A lot of people assume I’m anti-drug therapy. This is not true. What I’m against is hasty prescriptions without trying other alternatives. I believe drug therapy should come later in the list of options. But everyone is different and the simple fact of the matter is, prescription drugs do work for many people. Just make sure you’re making an informed decision when you turn to meds.

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