What to say when making an appointment for adhd?

What kind of doctor should i call?

What do i say when making the appointment?

-Ive notice that my adhd is catching up to me now that im in college. I can’t focus on school or my activitys and responsibilitys at home.

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Is it safe to take antidepressants and also adhd medication at the same time?

I got prescribed Bupropion to help me quit smoking (it is labeled as a anti depressant) and also prescribed Methylin ER for my adhd. I take 1 of both per day. Just wondering if this is safe. I’ve looked on sites and found nothing. Please help me out here. Thx.

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What are the chanves of having another child with autism?

I am mother of two children both with autism. I am divorced from their father and now I have a new partner. If I have a child with my current partner whom I plan to marry, will our baby have autism as well? Both my kids have pdd-nos but I am no longer with their father.

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How do you get rid of ADD and ADHD without medication?

Is there anyway of getting rid of ADD and ADHD naturally without medication? I have a huge exam coming up in the next few months and I really need to focus. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Thank you for all the suggestions. I will try the exercising, deep breathing, candle thing, meditation and coffee. Caffeine tends to put me to sleep.

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What is the difference between Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome?

The only thing I basically know is from Dear John when he says Asperger’s is living in our world with adaptations but Autism is living in their own world. Could someone explain that because I don’t really understand it.

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Is it possible to have schizoaffective disorder and adhd?

I am wondering if I also have adhd inattentive type, I tend to be tired if I don’t get 12 hours of sleep or have some tea. I do space out sometimes, like just feel tired and stare off. I also have a hard time focusing on school work also. Their probably is more, I just can think of right now. Thanks for all your answers.

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What is the percentage of Autism rates among children outside the United States?

I am asking because I just read an article which said Autism affects 1 percent of US children. Also, it says it afflicts boys more often than girls and whites more often than other blacks.

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Natural Herbal Treatments for ADHD

www.universalhealthinfo.com Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can affect both children and adults alike. Normal ADHD appears in early childhood as hyperactivity, distraction, restlessness, impulsiveness and poor concentration. Although it is becoming more commonly diagnosed, there are some circumstances where children experience mild symptoms and go undiagnosed.

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Is it illegal to deny medications for children that are clinically diagnosed with ADHD?

My girlfriend has ADHD, as do I.
I take Adderall for it, her mom does not give her any, and isn’t willing to even take her to the doctor, because shes apparently to lazy to pay attention.
She has a long history of getting overall grades as low as 30s.

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