What are some alternatives to Ritalin and other medications, when treating ADHD in a child?

What are some alternatives to Ritalin and other medications, when treating ADHD in a child?

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Can a person with autism successfully get a girlfriend and have a successful relationship?

I have autism, and i would like to find a girlfriend (not online), but since i have autism, it makes it very difficult, does anyone know any good ways on how to get a girlfriend?

Do i have to befriend her first?

This is a serious question, no meant to be funny. I am really struggling here. And when i get a girlfriend, how should i treat her?
How do i know if they have a boyfriend(s)? How do i know if they secretly like me?

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How can I assist an employee that has ADHD in a call-centre environment?

What suggestions do you have for assisting a 19yo with ADHD in a work (call centre) environment?

I need some help with going about resolving the common symptoms of ADHD..

* Yelling at inappropriate times.
* Not being able to sit still.
* Poor impulse control/lack of attention.
* Understanding boundries particularly with regards to showing respect when speaking to management.

Thanks in advance!
Who said she’s a he?

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What are some tips to get a child who has ADHD to do his homework?

I watch a little boy who has ADHD and homework is always a chore. He cries and makes up non stop excuses. I have to bribe him to do it and even that doesn’t work all the time. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips that have worked on kids. Thanks!

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How often should blood work be done on children taking ADHD medications?

I put my son on ADHD medications after years of refusing to. He has been taking htem for roughly 3 months and she has not done any blood work on him. From what I understand it shoudl have been before he started and again in a few months. Any insight would be great, he has been going to her for 8 years but I am debating changing dr’s.
He was presrcibed Vyvanse which is a new ADHD medication.

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What does a psychiatrist and/or psychologist do to ascertain if someone has ADHD?

This particular someone has never seen a psychiatrist and/or psychologist before, and yet a proper diagnosis on ADHD is required. What will be used to test for ADHD?

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