What is your personal opinion about the controversy of medicating children with ADHD?

What are some possible other kind of treatments? My sister has two children with ADHD and possible a third one. I have seen her children with medicine and without medicine. When her children are off the medicine they act up and can not sit still for any period of time. Thanks for the help.

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Whats the difference between autism and aspergers and does anyone in your family have either one?

My boyfriend has autism and I have aspergers. It’s hard to tell the difference and we are the only ones in our families who have it.

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How long does it take to make a proper autism evaluation?

My brother has gone to 3 evaluations (all of which have lasted no more than a half hour) and has been diagnosed with a minor, minor case of autism. I really don’t think this is enough time to get to know a child and make a proper diagnosis.

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What natural or alternative remedies have you had success in treating ADHD for your child?

I’m looking for specific brands of herbal, homeopathic, supplements, etc. My son is 7 and has been diagnosed with ADHD and I would like some suggestions as we are not going to medicate him. Thanks!

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Any behavioral techniques that work well for children with autism and adhd?

I am wondering what works for others as far as behavior strategies, systems, plans etc. My son is six years old with several diagnoses including adhd, bipolar, and high functioning autism. His behavior is a major issue. We have tried time outs, reward systems where he got stickers and then a reward at the end of the week or day, 123 magic, and more with no success. Any ideas?

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ADHD Symptoms & Treatments : Diagnosing Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

When adults are diagnosed with ADD, they have oftentimes carried the same symptoms throughout their life, although other disorders should be ruled out first. Discover how adult ADD can be confused with anxiety with help from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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What kind of jobs are good for adults on the autism spectrum?

adults with autism can face some challenges.What kind of jobs do you think would be good for someone with autism? Can someones case of autism be so severe that he/she would be unable to work? is there any government assistance or programs to help adults with autism?

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What is the best medication to give to a child with ADHD?

I have a six year old, and I am trying to figure out what the best medication is to give her for ADHD. This is my first time dealing with this, and I would like people’s opinions.
I just want you all to know that I DID first take her to the doctor. I have done my own research on the meds as he doctor suggested, and I just wanted opinions from people with experience in this area.

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What is your opinion on the case of autism linked to childhood vaccinations?

Will the ruling in the case that makes a link between autism and childhood vaccines change your mind about getting your children vaccinated or will you continue to get the vaccinations anyway?

What is your opinion on the case? Do you believe there is really a link?

I’m not stating whether I agree there is a link or not. I am only looking for your opinion.

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