What approaches are working in treating young children with autism from a natural health perspective?

From your own experience, what do you find useful in helping young children with autism?

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How can I apply for an autism grant from the government?

I have Aspergers and have a very troubled life situation and I think an autism grant would help enormously. My workers don’t know about government grants and cry scam at every app company site they look at. How do I go about applying. These grants are listedas for families with an autistic child, but what about an an individual adult with a form of autism (Aspergers in my case) applying for himself?

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Nutrition For Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD – Educational Video

The Film, “Is Your Child’s Brain Starving?” Lecture on how diet can contribute to ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) by Dr. Michael R. Lyon, MD. Shot at Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta. Dr. Lyon – “As the director of a medical & research centre, I have explored a variety of potential treatments to improve brain function in children and adults, without the use of drugs like Ritalin. Although I believe there is promise in certain herbal medicines and in non-drug treatments such as biofeedback, I have seen the most profound improvements in learning and behaviour through an intelligently applied nutritional program.” Notes from cameraman (Gordon McDowell): Dr. Lyon later emailed me a copy of his Power Point presentation , which I’ve incorporated into the video. Director: Gordon McDowell Producer: NA Production Company: NA Contact Information: Dr. Michael R. Lyon, MD is Medical and Research Director of FunctionalMedicine.Ca Gordon McDowell created the video. Creative Commons license: Attribution-ShareAlike.

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What is the autism rate in the Silicon Valley?

I’ve looked everywhere and every source I find simply says that the US rate is 1 in 150 and the Silicon Valley rate is "much higher." How much higher? What IS the actual rate of autism in that area? And what source has the *actual number*?

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How to teach a boy with ADHD to take care of his things so that he does not loss everything ?

I have 8 years old boy with ADHD. He just finished his second grade school year. He is doing well at school but his Homework got lost a lot along with his possessions such as all his jackets, his glasses, and such. Most of his stuffs are either lost or broken to pieces. Is there a way to teach him to take care of his things ? In a non-confrontational and practical ways ?

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What are some good books on autism, vaccines, the controversy, and government cover ups?

I know there are a lot of good books out there on autism and vaccines, which do you recommend? Also, are there any books on autism and government conspiracy or government cover ups? If you can, please include links.

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Autism Now: MacNeil, Lehrer Discuss ‘National Emergency’ Explored in Series

Autism reaches prime time TV as Robert MacNeil’s discusses autism with Jim Lehrer.

NewsHour founder and former anchor Robert MacNeil’s six-part series series on the puzzling prevalence of autism in the US starts to air Monday on the PBS NewsHour. MacNeil speaks with Jim Lehrer about what’s explored in the series and describes how autism has affected his family.

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What is your advice on vaccinations for children with siblings diagnosed with autism?

This question is for people who have family members, or more specifically children, who have autism. My first child was diagnosed at 2 and I recently had another child (10 days old). I want to get more insight from parents about how they feel about vaccines in regards to autism and whether or not we should put the vaccines shots on hold for younger siblings until they get older.

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Medical Marijuana For Children – ADD / ADHD

www.reefer.cc When amphetamines are excepted over a plant for treating children, you have to be concerned. The lack of testing by the USA scientific community is not a reason to keep this beneficial ADD treatment from the American people and the rest of the world. If children using marijuana as medicine bothers you, you are nothing less than uninformed. Marijuana is a safe and EFFECTIVE treatment for 100’s of conditions and that can be proven, Show me one case in the history of man where the toxicity of THC brought harm to someone and I will change my view and adopt yours.

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