The scores on the Autism Quotient Spectrum test and others are fascinating. Is this test accurate?

I am 22, female, and my scores were AQ- 25, SQ 41, EQ 15

This doesn’t completely surprise me. I’ve always been abnormal, to say the least. I am curious, is this accurate concerning Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome?


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What are the vaccines that are suspected to cause autism spectrum disorder in children?

I heard the dosage may be the problem or allergy to the vaccine but i don’t know which one. My son has mild end autism spectrum disorder. If he is sensitive to vaccines can he get a flu shot?

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How to find a local doctor who specializes in autism/aspergers treatment with vitamins and minerals?

I want to try B12 shots but I’m afraid to go to a regular psychiatrist office because they might not know anything about autism/aspergers and they typically only know how to write prescriptions for xanax and antidepressants.
Yes they can help dummy.

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What are the differences between antidepressant and adhd medications?

I understand that one’s for depression and one’s for adhd but they both make happy chemicals right? What are their effects on the brain compared to each other? How do they work differently?

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