ADHD: Medication Dosage – Duration of Effectiveness ADHD Medication Timing – Exactly Measuring Duration of Effectiveness, is everything in treating ADHD. In my book “ADHD Medication Rules” I outline these issues in detail – and recently found that “Rules” hit #1 on Amazon – see this link for Amazon documentation Stimulant medications last only a short time, less than a full day – and often they are either dosed too high, or too low, leaving the patient with a feeling like… “nothing works.” DOE [Duration of Effectiveness] is the key. Read much more in ADHD Medication Rules second chapter and why meds can become unpredictable – at: Then, for a brief 23pg *Complimentary Special Report* on ADHD Meds: *Predictable Solutions For ADHD Meds – Correcting the 10 Biggest Problems* see this link: – Immediate download