Two Families speak about Autism in Their Lives

Autism Speaks gives families a voice to talk, now the country is listening. Learn more about the Spitz and Weppner families, and hear their stories here.

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Causes of ADD and ADHD Find out what lifestyle and even household pets might have to do with ADD and ADHD. Dr. Bob DeMaria talks about a number of things that might cause someone to show symptoms of the conditions.

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An Introduction to Autism Speaks for College Students

College students involved in Autism Speaks’ college program, Autism Speaks U, can show this video to educate other students at their school about Autism Speaks and the importance of being an Autism Speaks U ambassador.

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From Hyper to Hyper-Focused: ADHD in the Workplace

ADHD does not just impact school kids; it’s in the workplace, too. As an adult with ADHD, Maile Lesica shares 4 ways to turn an employee’s ADHD into an asset. Lesica is a student at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Class of 2013, and is part of the LOWkeynotes initiative. Visit these websites to learn more about LOWkeynotes, a collaborative effort between Stanford’s Center for Leadership Development and Research and the Mastery in Communication Initiative.

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