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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects the children and make them hyperactive, less concentrative. But is there anything that works for ADHD? Let’s find here some of the ADHD solutions that work…

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Is there really a solution?
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, most commonly diagnosed in children, could be got over effectively if the parents and teachers work together, and pay attention to the child and its behavior. Since the child spends a considerable amount of time at school and its behavior is believed to be shaped there, where there are situations of social interaction, most of the work interestingly has to be done by the teacher. Here are a few tips that have proved to be productive in due course of time.

The teacher’s part

1. Have all the time for your student
It is understandable that a teacher can’t spend all of his/her time for one particular student. But certain gestures like talking to the child whenever he passes by, a motherly smile and similar things can really make the child believe that the teacher really shows interest on him and he does care about his well being. And also, it is a tendency of students to really open up when they meet the teacher in a non-teaching environment. The teacher thereby gets a chance to hear out the child and what his intentions are.

2. Make the poor student grasp things quickly
The most common symptom of ADHD disorder is that the child is prone to forgetfulness. The child finds it difficult to have in mind even the most simplest of things. This is where a teacher comes into the action. It has been scientifically proved that the child confuses itself with the symbols and words that look alike. It is therefore advisable to a teacher to teach such children with a real life example for such words. In situations where the words denote a thing or an animal, the child can be shown the pictures of the same. This process, eventually, has proved that the child diagnosed to have ADHD has continuously shown signs of improvement, especially in remembering things. Additionally, the teacher can use sign languages and have the children practice them so that they are less prone to forgetfulness.

3. Have the ADHD children abide by the rules you impose
It is the duty of a teacher to lay down the norms to the children and making them aware of the consequences if those rules are broken. The teacher must constantly direct the child and make sure that the child does what he is supposed to, right from the first attempt. Most of us may be wondering as to how this can be taken as a solution to get over children suffering from ADHD. The answer is that, when children are made to follow the directions imposed by the teacher, they develop in themselves a sense of control and thus indirectly, the symptoms of hypertension and being impulsive get retarded.

The gain?
These simple methods when followed consciously will definitely prove to play a huge role in shaping the behavior of the ADHD children. Interestingly, not only the children are the ones who get benefited, the teacher also has a reason to smile. From the teacher’s point of view,

  • There will be a notable improvement in the attitude of the children for which he can be glad.
  • As the most delightful part of the job, he can be proud of himself when the parents of the child compliment him.
  • He can feel better when he realizes that he does take steps to help the ADHD children and those measures are really effective.
  • He now knows the students well, and treats them as his own child.

As far as the parents are concerned, they are advised to treat their child with love and care, make them feel secured, work in conjunction with the teachers and put in the best of their efforts to make their dear one get over ADHD.

By Jayashree Pakhare
Published: 3/31/2008
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