Your standing in the middle of a sand storm. The winds are over 700mph, don’t worry your safe from it in a protective bubble sand at that speed with rip you apart. As you look out into the darkness of the sand storm you are shocked to see it’s not sand at all flying all over… You see that your not protected at all, those little things speeding all over are every possible thought, emotion, experience, and more… Down to the smallest detials going back to your birth… You recall as far back as 2 maybe 1 year old… Some memories are from even before that… You have ADHD of a form that keeps ALL information in this very random and hard to grasp and follow storm of mental chaos. You can try to get out of the storm, but it will just follow you. It will be 9000 miles wide, as well as tall, and deep… Incase you think underground offers a way out. It’s inside of your head… It’s apart of who I am as a person. I was born this way. So for me to be random, and not connected to the rest of the world was totally perfect for me. Trying to form a single thought, follow a conversation, and or otherwise trying to be “NORMAL” is impossible for me. Well for 35 years it was IMPOSSIBLE. And, just as hard to imagine how someone functions with this. I wonder that myself. How is it I’m where I am today? Dumb luck really. Well once I learned what it was I was dealing with. I read all about the many forms of it, until I discovered what type/style my form of ADHD was. Not that we have a

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