ADHD Drugs Side Effects

The primary drugs used for ADHD has many side effects. The drugs and thier sude effects are covered in this video. Many people worry about ADHD drugs side effects and we should not be surprised. After all, some years ago, Health Canada banned the sale of Adderall there because there had been cases of sudden deaths due to cardiac health defects. In the USA, this drug, alomgside the most popular Ritalin is still available and there are many on the market like them. They are mainly stimulant ADHD drugs and there are the non- stimulants. The problem is that the ADHD drugs side effects for both types are almost the same. These include weight loss, stunted growth, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts and sleep challenges. This is enough to prevent any child from having a happy, healthy and normal childhood. There are doubts about how the actual drugs work and the Mayo Clinic mentions this fact that nobody knows except that they act on the brain chemicals and have the effects of calming a hyperactive child down. What the pharmaceutical giants forget to tell us is that the drugs act on the central nervous system and therefore there are more likely to be other problems such as insomnia and also depression is sometimes a co-morbid disorder. There are lots of ways we can provide a Ritalin alternative. http

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