ADHD Treatment Without Medication The good news is that ADHD treatment without medication is possible although there may always be a need at critical times for some medication. However, medication can take many forms and there is one type of medication which uses homeopathy. Homeopathic ADHD remedies are ideal in helping your children to remain calmer and more focused and there are no side effects at all. But the secret of ADHD without medication, according to many medical and psychological experts is to make sure that ADHD behavior therapy is at the top of our list of strategies. In this way, we can solve the most urgent problems of misbehaviour and concentrate also on giving our children the life coping skills that they need. That is going to include some green time activities as mentioned by Richard Louv in his bestseller called ‘The Last Child in The Woods’ By treating ADHD with a multipronged approach using green time, diet, exercise and behavior therapy, we can ensure that we are relying much less on conventional medication which has its limits and its side effects, not to mention dangers. http

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