Autism: Love & Play That Creates Big Growth & Big Change – The Son-Rise Program® – The Autism Treatment Center of America™, founded in 1974 by Samahria Lyte Kaufman and Barry Neil Kaufman, teaches parents a unique autism treatment called The Son-Rise Program®. The Son-Rise Program is a loving, accepting, home based approach that parents use to connect with their children and help them emerge from autism and other developmental disorders. It was awarded the Best Autism Therapy at the AutismOne National Conference. Dave and his wife attended The Son-Rise Program Start-Up Course over three years ago when Gavin wouldn’t look at them, wouldn’t talk to them and wouldn’t play with them. Now that they set up a Son-Rise Program playroom as their autism treatment for Gavin, he has changed profoundly! He LOVES his playroom. It is his sanctuary – his absolutely favorite place where he grows so much. He’s a completely different child now! The Son-Rise Program® can change your child’s future . . . • Awarded “Best Autism Therapy” at the AutismOne National Conference • Allows your child to be your guide • You are your child’s best resource • Join your child in their world – rather than force • them to conform to a world they don’t understand The Son-Rise Program Start-Up Foundational Course The Son-Rise Program Start-Up is a 5-day group training program for parents, relatives and professionals looking to facilitate meaningful progress in their children (ages 18 months through 60 years) challenged by Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Pervasive

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