Dr Mike Morejon of the Proliance Center discusses ADHD Treatment in Boca Raton FL

Dr. Mike from www.proliancecenter.com discusses ADHD Treatment in Boca Raton FL.Hi, I’m Dr. Mike. I work here at the Proliance Center and I’d like to tell you a little about ADHD treatment here in Boca Raton, Florida. A lot of times when people ask me about ADHD treatment, they begin by asking me about what the difference is between ADD and ADHD. Really what I try to do is make it simple for them. I basically say, that the essence of ADHD is that whatever doesn’t give your brain a “wow” (as in “wow, this is very interesting”), is very hard to focus on. So one of the things the treatment is going to focus on is providing that “wow” for the boring things in your life that need to be done in spite of them being boring. The other thing is, a lot of time, ADHD begins to interfere with people in social ways, in the sense that they may be perceived as annoying because they interrupt other people, and a lot of the treatment is going to focus on that as well. When it comes to the treatment of ADHD, we do some cognitive behavioral therapy, some social skills training, but one of the things that ends up happening often is that sometimes when it begins to affect an individuals self esteem, particularly a child, we really start needing to consider the use of medication. People always ask me the question, “what is the best medication for ADHD?” and I always answer it the same, and it really comes down to “the one that works for you”. When we think about ADHD medications, there are

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