Famous People Diagnosed with ADHD

Don’t think that if you are your child has ADHD that this limits your ability to achieve.  Take a look at these famous people – Ansel Adams, Anne Bancroft, Beethoven, Alexander Graham Bell, "Pappy" Boyington, Hans Christian Anderson, Lewis Carroll, Leonardo da Vinci, Walt Disney, Cher, Thomas Edison, "Magic" Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Robin Williams, Henry Winkler, and Stevie Wonder all were diagnoised with ADHD and that did not keep them down.

There is no reason to believe that ADHD restricts a person from achieving whatever they want. Mariette Hartley, Jim Carey,  and Whoopie Goldberg all show the trademark signs of ADHD.

Even the inventer of mass production, Henry Ford had ADHD.  This goes to show that it does not mean that a llife can not be productive if an individual has ADHD.  It’s all how you look at it.

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