How prevalent is autism among feminists in the modern day?

Studies in psychiatric journals in the early 90s showed a link between autism and feminism.

The rise in autism has been attributed to women with masculine minds marrying men with masculine minds, leading to children with hyper masculine minds.

Furthermore a link has been shown to exist between autism and women and the diagnostic criteria for autism.

A study tested 4200 women at the University of New Hampshire. 677 women tested scored highly on the feminist belief scale, or feministic scale.

254 out of 677 women who scored highly on the feministic scale also ranked highly in restricted repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests and activities. Usually their obsession focused around feminist issues whether real or contrived.

107 of the 677 women scored low on the qualitative social interaction scale.

430 out of the 677 women who scored highly on the feministic scale also scored highly on the masculine personality type scale.

Do you know any autistic feminists?
This study was in a 1992 Issue of the Journal of Applied Psychiatric Medicine so you can look it up yourself if you like.

If a web link is absolutely necessary:
Anna you are correct, and you can be correct about more males being diagnosed with autism than females but that still does not have any relevance to the high rate of autism among feminists, a subset of women rather than all women, as noted in the study only a minority of the women tested actually scored highly on the feministic scale.
The ‘ Hyper-Masculine Mind’ is a working hypothesis of neurobiology wendy g. Furthermore you appear to have a rather obsessive need to prove yourself right. Perhaps caused by low self esteem, but nevertheless obsessive. Are you a feminist who has been diagnosed with autism by any chance? At the very least I would suggest that any children you have should be submitted for possible diagnosis immediately.

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