Natural Treatments For ADHD – Which Is Best? It may be useful to think more broadly about the terms we use when we talk about natural treatments for ADHD. Did you know that the National Trust is opening its parks and encouraging children to get back in contact with nature? Very few of them have had that sort of contact because they spend far too much time indoors wired up to the latest electronic gadgetry. But ADHD natural remedies also means choosing a type of treatment such as herbal or homeopathic remedies which will enable the child to enjoy life and more importantly enable the parents to set up structures and routines in the home so that he can learn to cope with all the daily tasks. All too often ADHD alternative treatment is regarded with suspicion but it is really just one element in a much more comprehensive program which will look at how we organise the home, how we set limits on behavior, how we feed our children and last but not least, how we encourage them to use the talents they have to grow up as successful and well balanced citizens.

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