Parenting ADHD – Facts And Figures The latest report from Consumer Reports on ADHD and parents’ experiences in using drugs makes for some fascinating reading. Over 900 parents of children with ADHD were interviewed. About 67% said they thought that medication was effective especially at school. But they also said that medication was not nearly so effective in dealing with behavior issues or in social relationships so the effects were certainly limited. They also tried other parenting techniques for their ADHD kids such as giving one instruction at a time or in changing their child’s school. But the most interesting fact is that half of them really wished that there had been an alternative form of medication available because of the nasty side effects and also all the health concerns about long term effects and the potential for drug abuse and so on. They obviously had not tried ADHD homeopathic remedies which have no side effects at all and in many cases are just as effective in keeping kids calm and focused. http

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