Rising Rates of Autism

Recent studies have shown a rising incidence of autism in young children.  Does this mean that there is an epidemic? 

This is a very interesting statistic to note because at the same time there was a decline in the number of children that were mentally retarded or learning disabled.  What appears to be the case is that more children are now being diagnosed with autism that would previously have been diagnosed with some mental retardation or learning disability.

So, at the end of the day, it appears that what is actually changing is the perception as to what the root cause of children who do not seem to fall into the "normal" range of behavior and developmental activities.

Now, one might ask the question in regard to children who have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD?  Is this rise in the incidence of these cases just a change in perception. 

In recent years, Autism, ADHD, and ADD have come to the forefront in terms of people’s understanding and perception of these behavioral characteristics. The stigma which used to be attributed to children diagnosed with these maladies is no longer relevant and as a result more children are being diagnosed and treated for these conditions.

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