Two Families speak about Autism in Their Lives

Autism Speaks gives families a voice to talk, now the country is listening. Learn more about the Spitz and Weppner families, and hear their stories here.

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An Introduction to Autism Speaks for College Students

College students involved in Autism Speaks’ college program, Autism Speaks U, can show this video to educate other students at their school about Autism Speaks and the importance of being an Autism Speaks U ambassador.

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Autistic Artist

This is an interesting video about Larry, who communicates with the world through his art and now through a computer enables him to speak to the world about his condition.

Taboo: Strange Behavior : SUN JUN 24 at 10p et/pt : For Larry, painting is language — through his art, he communicates complex views on autism and society.

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Carly’s Café – Experience Autism Through Carly’s Eyes

This experience is viewed through the eyes of Carly Fleischmann, a 17 year old girl living with non-verbal Autism. Based on an excerpt from the book Carly’s Voice: Breaking through Autism, it explores how, for someone with autism, a simple act like going for a coffee can descend into chaos. Carly’s Café was developed as an interactive video that allows the user to experience Autism from the inside-out, visit to enjoy the full experience. PRODUCTION CREDITS Director – Miles Jay Editor – Chris Murphy DOP – Chris Mably Colourist – Wade Odlum VFX Artist – Sean Cochrane Executive Producer – Harland Weiss Executive Producer – Donovan Boden Line Producer – Dennis Beier Audio Director – Stephanie Pigott Phantom Tech – Brent J. Craig Composer – Rob Simonsen Casting – Michael Stephenson Logo Design – Jan Avendano AGENCY CREDITS Creative Directors – Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic Creative Team – Kelly Uman, Marie Richer Producer – Ryan O’Hagan Technologist – Marc Cattapan

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