Autism Reality

See a new perspective on autism by Dr. Temple Grandin

Critically acclaimed documentary film about autism by an autistic film director. ‘autism reality’ is a moving interview-based piece that shows a new and refreshing side of the issue. Thank you Dr. Temple Grandin! Don’t press play unless you have 10 minutes to spare (you’ll want to watch the whole thing)

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Study links older fathers to autistic children

A new study finds that older fathers are more likely to have autistic children, and their genetic material plays a larger role than the mother’s DNA. Dr. Cathy Lord of New York Presbyterian Hospital speaks to the “CBS This Morning” co-hosts about the study.

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Autistic Artist

This is an interesting video about Larry, who communicates with the world through his art and now through a computer enables him to speak to the world about his condition.

Taboo: Strange Behavior : SUN JUN 24 at 10p et/pt : For Larry, painting is language — through his art, he communicates complex views on autism and society.

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Autism Recovery Using The Son-Rise Program®: Brandon, Recovering From Autism

Here is something worth looking into. The Son-Rise program enabled this family to help their son out of the grips of autism. – The Autism Treatment Center of America™, founded in 1974 by Samahria Lyte Kaufman and Barry Neil Kaufman, teaches parents a unique autism treatment called The Son-Rise Program®. The Son-Rise Program is a loving, accepting, home based approach that parents use to connect with their children and help them emerge from autism and other developmental disorders. It was awarded the Best Autism Therapy at the AutismOne National Conference. Brandon had been diagnosed with autism when he was two years old and the doctors said that there was nothing they could do. But they didn’t give up. They flew from Northern Ireland to Massachusetts to attend the Son-Rise Program® Start-Up Training Course at the Autism Treatment Center of America™. They have been running a Son-Rise Program® in their home, playing and working with Brandon. Now, despite the doctors’ predictions, Brandon is recovering from autism! Once he didn’t speak. He didn’t respond to his name. He spent hours watching the same video over and over, He had no interaction with his parents or anyone else. Now Brandon is in mainstream school. He has conversations, makes jokes and plays with his friends. He is a happy and social young boy. The Son-Rise Program®can change your child’s future . . . • You are your child’s best guide and resource • You join your child in their world rather than forcing them to conform to a world they don’t understand • Your child’s own motivation ignites their interest to join

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Various Autistic therapy items

various autism therapy/relaxing items shown, protective helmet (SIB) , ear defenders, rainmaker, sensory room (homemade) , vibrating snake, comunication, bathroom aid, etc, behaviour supports, colour changing egg and rocking seat etc..

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Life with autism: In their own words

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, people on the autism spectrum tell the world what life is like.

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iPad app helps autistic kids communicate

My son is autistic, so I’ve been using Metatalk to help my son communicate with me, and my other son learn language. Here’s a look at the app, which just shipped. It’s a bit expensive as iPad apps go (0) but it’s competitive with similar systems. If you have an autistic child this is well worth trying. Here founder Ingo Beinlich shows me the app and explains what’s gone into its development. Learn more at:

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Autism & Vaccines

Vaccines don’t cause autism. They just don’t. There was once a single, solitary study that stated a link (and remember kiddies, correlation ain’t causation) between the MMR vaccine and children. The sample size for the study was a measly 12 children. Andrew Wakefield, the study’s author, has lost his license to practice medicine and may face criminal charges for intentionally, fradulently manipulating the data as he did. There is NO scientific evidence suggesting vaccines cause autism. Autism appears to be a neurological condition with several genetic factors. You can get a quick review of how this faulty link came to be believed in this article Love your child, whether they are neurotypical or not.

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How to Recognize the Early Signs of Autism

Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from Stabbey and more videos in the Children With Special Needs category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Early intervention is important for children with autism, a developmental disorder that inhibits socialization. So be on the lookout for warning signs. To complete this How-To you will need: Knowledge of developmental milestones Careful attention to your baby’s behavior A hearing test for your child Warning: Do not assume that if your baby exhibits behaviors associated with autism, they necessarily have the disorder. Observe them carefully and bring any concerns to a doctor. Step 1: Pay attention to babbling Pay attention to when your baby begins to babble. They should start at around five months old. Step 2: Monitor eye contact Begin monitoring eye contact at around six to nine months, when infants generally start smiling in response to their parents’ grins. Babies with autism tend to avoid looking at their parents. Step 3: Try some games If your baby makes a sound, make one back and see if they reciprocate. Babies with autism usually do not take part in this verbal turn taking, nor do they participate in peek-a-boo. Step 4: Try to get their attention Note whether your baby responds to their name: They should begin to

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