The TRUTH of My Disorder

I you think that you may have ADD, then watch the following video as ADD is explained very simply by a person who has Attention Deficit Disorder. As he states, he views ADD as a gift not an affliction which helps him to multitask many things at once.

Here’s a cool list of facts that might interest you: Go to this link for a few cool facts: Edited for those who misunderstood the first version. Sorry for the repost, but I just want to make sure my message gets across more clearly. The % of entertainers who have ADD was from my own observations of the people I personally know who are in the business. That’s not a scientific fact and I don’t think anyone can really estimate what the real percentage really is. I didn’t mean to offend anyone with that percentage (although some people still feel that way). -Cory “Mr. Safety”

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