What questions should the money for autism research address?

Would you be interested in finding if there is a relationship between paternal age and autism currently in the US? What specific questions do you want answered? Do you want pre-natal testing worked on?
Dear SpecEdtch,
. We need to get the data.You know how horrible the situation is for these kids and yet people keep ignoring the father’s age issue. It is not fair to to be so cavalier about the risks of later fathering because the parents are not the ones who have such agonizing lives. We now know that sperm mutate. If guys want to become fathers late I think they should banks their semen in their 20s. I hope you speak out,because you know a lot about the realities. I wish you the best in your work.
Maybe you could write a book about your experience because someone has to tell it like it is. It is not to make anyone feel guilty but to make people aware of reality.
Dear basketcase

Thank you, it is very exciting. In a 1980 study of autism in Sweden 34 was the mean age of the fathers and at that time this mean age was much older than the fathers is the non -affected group. I hope a lot of money goes to programs to help these kids as they grow up. But we may need to re-think what is an older father. Certainly 32 seems quite young now-a days. Alex

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