Why do people believe Autism is related to immunizations?

Would to like to hear oppinions on why some people believe Austim is related to routine childhood vaccinations. I have identical twin boys who have had the same vaccines in the same enviroment, and have ate the same foods (bc I have heard also there is a theory about chemicals used to preserve food contributing to Autism). The first born twin has high-fuctioning Asperger’s Syndrome, and the second born does not have any form of Autism. Based on this experience I don’t believe Vaccines had anything to do with this. If I had to venture a guess for the cause I would say that it may be an area of his brain did not develop correctly. Anyway, would love to hear oppinions on this subject, what you believe might be a cause of Autism, or other reasons why you may choose to not vaccinate your child. Thanks.
Would like to add that they were tested, and confirmed as being identical. Also that they were born at 29wks premature, and were on the same devolpment level at birth, and through their stay at the NICU.

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