Working with the Child’s School During Treatment (314)984-8412 How does the therapist work with teachers and administrators at the child’s school when providing treatment to children with ADHD or ADD symptoms? Some of the more common questions people ask Dr. Collins are related to the treatment process for children with ADHD or Attention Deficit Disorder. How does the neurotherapist work with the school during ADHD treatment? What can be done to assist the teachers? According to Dr. Collins, neurotherapists and neurofeedback professionals often work closely with the child’s school administrators and teachers during the ADHD treatment process. The neurotherapist can help explain how the child’s brain is working and give some solutions on how the teachers can handle the child’s behavior at the school level. Teachers and school administrators typically appreciate the assistance and will develop a new understanding of their role in the ADHD treatment. It’s always good if parents, teachers and therapists are working together to help the child. Neurofeedback therapy and sensory integration treatment can help develop neuro pathways which help the brain process information, retain the information in memory and perform complex tasks. Neurofeedback helps the brain function properly and addresses the underlying problems in the brain so children with ADHD or ADD symptoms can increase their success in school and in social situations. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about ADHD or is

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